etsy update

due to some technical issues the etsy shop will be loaded by Monday October 11th


so stay tuned and check it out Monday!



*My Etsy Shop will be reloaded on Friday October 8th! (for real this time lol)

*I am starting a new place for my cards which will be accessible by clicking on the tab marked CARDS at the top of this page

* If you are interested in any commissioned pieces or cards for the holidays please contact me by email at jadeandwele@gmail.com ASAP to ensure that you will get your order in in enough time to have it completed by Christmas!

have a great day!


congrats card

havent posted a card in a while. back on it.

TONIGHT: The Black Girl Project!


For tickets go to www.thesaartjieproject.org ASAP!!!!

Also there will be a raffle tonight with lots of goodies including  a poster print of my “Afro Puffs Girl” piece 🙂

wishcasting wednesdays


Today Jamie asked “what do you wish to begin?”


well…I wish to begin to actually be. its not that deep, but as far as who i am holistically i tend to hold back in different areas instead of allowing myself the freedom to actually shine…

on a more practical level i wish to begin my new phase of creativity which means working on these cards and paintings to fill up my etsy shop which is overdue to be re-energized and stocked…

also I have been planning and researching and doodling in the pages of several notebooks the past few months about my new creative community arts organization and yeah…its time to begin the actual programs so stay tuned as i will be unveiling the project and website this month!!!! (next 2 weeks!) i have some really awesome things coming up that im super excited about…

im also starting to cook more fun meals…yay! as ive recently become a pescatarian and being seriously serious (lol) about it the past few weeks 🙂

all in all…im ready to begin the next creative chapter. no, the next book. lets step it up this time…



few weeks ago I was hired to do a little wall painting…:-)



the after shot is kinda unfinished…shame on me for not getting a better shot but ill post final ones of the room soon…

The fun part was painting in their dog on the island looking from behind the trees 🙂

A piece for Verse

Verse is a good friend of mine who released his spoken word album in May called Project 77. he is running a group/label called Starving Artist Productions geared towards poets and lyricists. This piece was created for his album release party. It includes some of the lyrics from a few tracks on the album…