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coming from a great place. a deep place. a happy place. like i wrote a few months ago when i decided to take a “break” there were a lot of transitions happening in my life on all levels. the transitions have only propelled me HIGHER. with that being said there are a few changes about to occur….

1. I am starting a new project that will be documented on another blog which i will come back and post links to by next week. this is a huge creative project delving into the process of creating a movement. since april i have been writing every single day (starting with the 30/30 challenge for national poetry month) and have been posting on facebook but realized what about the people who only read my blog and arent friend with me on facebook? well in any case i am still numbering my writings and plan to put out a book + dvd of craziness/art on a higher plane. its insane i cant explain it. just follow along once i leave the blog link 🙂

2. i will work on updating this blog a lot more often. mostly with show dates/events and so on as well as some new pieces i am working on or that are for sale

3. ETSY!!!!

ive gotten a lot of emails and posts about my etsy shop being EMPTY and when am I going to restock or have SOMETHING up lol and my answer to that is SOON. the shop should be restocked with greeting cards and art and maybe some other little goodies by mid July at the latest.

Also just a heads up, I will be at the Artscape Open House Party in Baltimore MD on July 17, 2010 for the exhibit my work is a part of at the Meroe Gallery! Flyer is attached for more information. It is an awesome AWESOME exhibit. If you are in Baltimore at any point before August 1st make sure you stop by!

peace.love.light.creativity to all….


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Just an update…

I am going to take a break for about a month or so to just….reconnect. so many things are changing in my life and i need to take some time to reflect and reconnect restrategize…RE-everything lol

Ill be on stage in DC on February 27th at the Corner Store 8pm go to www.thesaartjieproject.org for more information

I have some other shows and events and things coming up near late march but ill come back around that time to update and post the info.

have a happy transition into spring….i know i cant wait for winter to be OVER.

love and energy,

jade andwele

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This weekend I will be performing at the Strand Theater in Baltimore Maryland on Saturday Jan 16 at 730pm and Sunday Jan 17 at 3pm. If you are in Baltimore or around the area and want to come out to see a great experience COME!!!!!!!!

For more information: www.thesaartjieproject.org

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Just letting everyone know I am offering free shipping on all items until December 31st so you can pick up some late gifts, or use some christmas money you received as a gift to get something from my shop!!!

DECEMBER 31st, 2009 11:59pm. After that no more free shipping!

I have been working on some gifts and cannot wait to put them up, but of course Ill have to wait until after the people receive them to do a post on them lol so stay tuned!!!!!!



original art work is coming. more that i have on the etsy shop. i have been so busy with card orders and finishing up school projects that I had no time to work on my artwork. Now that I have time look out for some new pieces to be up in the etsy shop and on my blog.


VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is coming soon!!!!! ON JANUARY 18th 2010 I will have valentines cards and black history month cards available in my etsy shop!!! I will have the small card packs for kids to pass out at school featuring the Afro Puff Girl and her friends 🙂 as well as single cards and card packs celebrating love for others and love for self

and the BLACK HISTORY MONTH cards will be awesome as well!!!!!!1 I mean how many times have you walked in a store and been able to buy cards to give to people for Black history month? I know I havent been able to…so IM MAKING IT!!!!

I believe that is all for updates for now, dont forget free shipping and you still have time to purchase cards and art work from me (order by monday to get in time for Christmas)

love & light!

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mojo 117 birthday card

I am really new to the whole online card sketching and contests but Ive recently used the mojo sketches for two cards I’ve made. This birthday card was for one of my moms friends/my aunt 🙂

this uses mojo sketch for week 117

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gift pieces & the surrender

the past year I think i’ve probably given about 5 gift pieces. They are paintings I’ve done intutitively and gifted to someone. the gift piece is always a surprise. I never tell a person, “oh im working on something for you”  because the pieces usually come to me and I always have some time restraint and work hard to complete it and then surprise them with it.

I say they are intuitive because I do not ever plan to do gift pieces, they simply come to me. The image of the piece and the receipent stay on my mind for days and I just have to do the piece and give it to them. I cant force gift pieces. People  have said, I want a gift piece, I want a Jade Andwele Original, and Ive just smiled and said, you will get it in time. Or of course they could just buy a piece lol. It is also a very intuitive and spiritual thing because every single time I have given a gift piece, each person has responded in similar ways…they have cried, told me that the piece truly made their day or their week or their month, that they were feeling some type of way and it was a beautiful gift to receive in the midst of everything going on around them.

So a few months ago I said ‘NO MORE GIFT PIECES!!!!!” i am very much (traditionally) unemployed and need to actually  make some money off of my art to buy the dog some food and pay a few bills.

But of course, its something that I do not control. I would say that God controls it. A gift piece came to me in November and I stayed up alllll night to do the entire piece for my sista Margaux after she funded my trip to a retreat.

I MUST SURRENDER TO THE GIFT PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are just another extension of healing…so why not surrender to healing?

Well…the past few weeks a woman has stayed on my mind. I see this image over and over and I truly admire this woman, she has served as an amazing inspiration to me. Her entire life story!!! And every single thing she does in the creative world.  So I decided yesterday I am just going to sit down and do the piece because obviously it has to be done!!!! On my way to U-hall to pick up a mirror box to ship it in so she can get it right before Christmas! WHAT A SURPRISE IT WILL BE!!!!!

I will be sure to let you know her response and the image and everything in a later post…

this is crazy. in the midst of millions of christmas card orders and other card orders i am going to take out time to just do the piece!!!!!!


ok. have a greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt weekend 🙂

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busy busy busy

havent posted in a few days so i wanted to come and just give an update. i am busy busy busy working on all types of projects for sale, for gifts, for class….for everything!!!!

my christmas cards are selling fast so if you want a pack please be sure to order TODAY!!!! jadeandwele.etsy.com or if you live close just shoot me an email and we can work out pick up/drop off.

i have just finished working on a custom order of birthday cards, which i will post later…that was fun!

i told my mom today i never really thought id be an artist like this…

she said, she always saw it…

just like moms do huh? 🙂

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christmas cards!!!

christmas cards are finally up on my etsy shop. It took longer than I first expected because of everything that went on last week and being in the country with NO internet or even cell phone reception.



head on over and pick up a pack 🙂

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what a busy week!!!!!

wooo….this week is one of the busiest of the year for me. I am working on several projects at one time! I have final projects to complete for my art courses at the community college and my own artwork and christmas cards. Plus I have been getting custom orders! 🙂

This week is also my grandmothers 80th birthday (wednesday) and we have been planning her big birthday bash the past couple of months so I have a lot of work to do for that…how did the guest list grow to 100 people!!!! I have to put together the decorations and everything for the party this saturday so I’ll be busy during thanksgiving lol which by the way, my grandma said no turkey! we are just going to  piece meal something…meaning just putting together whatever. shes just excited for her birthday party she doesnt want to cook lol

I am also working on a portrait for my grandmas birthday…here is the beginning…as you can see i have A LOT of work to do. Ill post the finished piece hopefully wednesday…have a great week!!!!

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